our story

the challenge

grds is a challenging project ambitiously driven to reinterpret classic footwear style into a more contemporary feel and, at the same time, pursue the comfort from the cutting-edge biomechanical technology.

The most innovative details of the product are the precisely engineered outsole and insole pad. The outsole is collaborated with Margom forming a uniquely curve-shaped that is exclusively constructed for grds. The insole pad is hidden beneath it positioned to support the midfoot area. The coherence of the outsole and insole spawns a mechanism to reduce forefoot pressure during the gait cycle. Walking becomes more comfortable.

the outsole is collaborated with margom

The technology is now accomplished thanks to the handful of help from veteran foot specialists with long years of clinical experiences. Traditional craftsmanship and modern technology meet together for the realization of optimum comfort.

revisited classic

During the design process, our aim is to reinterpret a classic style with beautiful details to create an elegant, practical and understated piece. Then the next crucial step is to find the finest materials to reach a more perfect product.

handcrafted in italy

The development and production took place at one of the best factories in Civitanova Marche, Italy, which is a region known for luxury footwear. Each piece is handcrafted by artisans in a small factory with a selection of the finest materials.